Golfish Spirit Animal Abstract Art Painting Unframed Canvas Print Colorful Wall Hanging, Bohemian Home Decor, Visionary Surreal Gypsy Psychedelic Mystic Shamanic Modern Contemporary Ocean Beach Tropical Coastal Simple Sea Art, Soulaya Designs, Fariba Farsad

The Goldfish Spirit Animal’s presence in your life stands for inspiration, infinite wisdom, and the power of prophecy. When the Goldfish fish spirit animal comes into your life, it bears a message of hope for your future. It comes to awaken your conscious mind to deal with the challenges in your life. When the fish spirit totem comes into your life, it opens your mind’s eyes to the futility of fighting against the current. It gives you the more viable alternatives you can use to get things done.

The item you receive is a high quality framed canvas print of my original Goldfish spirit animal artwork. This canvas print of my painting is a SEMI original. After printing, I detail and enhance each piece using fresh metallic gold ink pen and fresh color ink pens. This adds depth and texture. Each piece is different. The canvas is covered with fine art varnish to protect its colors and designs. The print will also include my handwritten signature.

Please contact us to order an original piece of artwork. Custom sizes of our Goldfish are also available upon request. Please ask for a quote for your desired size.

We cannot guarantee that every computer monitor will correctly depict the actual colors of our canvas prints accurately. We make every effort to photograph our canvas prints accurately. Contact us with any questions you may have about the color or size of an item before purchasing.

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26 reviews for 2005 • Goldfish Spirit Animal Framed Canvas Print

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