About Fariba Farsad

I have been energized and motivated to paint after a 30-year hiatus. An interior designer by trade, student and seeker of spirituality, and core shamanism, I am both grateful and humbled to have another artistic opportunity. Spirit animals and other spiritual beings such as plants 

My spirit animals both guide and protect me on my spiritual journeys to other realms and in my daily life. I find tremendous comfort in seeing my guardians on the walls throughout my home. Every spirit animal has its own unique story, wisdom and special energy.

My hope is that you are able to connect with your spirit animal through these creations too. I offer high-quality, full-colour canvas prints of my original works. If you are already aware of a spiritual connection you have with a specific animal, I can create an original painting for you based on that animal.

If you are unsure of what animal you may have a spiritual connection to, I am also able to go on a Shamanic journey on your behalf to discover your spirit animal and create an original painting for you based on that animal.

All it takes is for you to give me permission to find and merge with your spirit animal. The result will be an original painting of your spirit animal that is one of a kind and uniquely yours. May your spirit animal speak to you, guide you, and protect you on your spiritual journey.

Let’s have a journey together.